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Advanced Cervical Spine Mobilizations 
(Techniques for the Cervical Spine)

In this course you will learn various techniques to safely and effectively mobilize the vertebrae. Immobility of the vertebrae in the cervical spine leads to headaches, migraines, general neck and shoulder tension and even nausea.


The mobilizations taught in this course are gentle and effective. Soft tissue techniques are of fascial, thai massage and shiatsu origin and do not require the use of lotion. These techniques are especially effective when the immobility is severe. 

Course Objective:


  • Perform an effective 30-45 minute cervical spine routine

  • Learn basic Shiatsu and Thai Massage techniques to treat hypertension in the cervical spine

  • Learn the common symptoms and causes of migraines and tension headaches

  • Learn effective fascial, distraction and golgi tendon organ techniques

  • Learn lateral, anterolateral and anterior glide techniques

  • Learn how to utilize the thumbs without causing fatigue


Length per course is 8 hours.

Course study booklets will be provided. 

Price: $300 (H.S.T. Included)​

Course date: July 29 & 30 2024

Location: Legion Road North, Etobicoke ON

*Small Class Size, 4 student maximum



Andre is an incredible Teacher! Utilizing everything I learned from his course *Advanced Cervical Spine Mobilizations * was powerful. He's a very patient and caring instructor, the way you perform the technique is of utmost importance.

I had a client who was experiencing neck twitching and neck spasms after lifting heavy boxes from work. I ended up utilizing the techniques learned from his course. After only 20 minutes of treatment he got off the table and stated he was "Back in business."

His neck motion was restored, from not being able to turn his head to completely turning his head fully right after. And the best part about it was the techniques utilize no oil.

D. Larios

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