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Chi Nei Tsang literally means “internal organ energy massage.” It is an ancient Chinese, Daoist form of visceral manipulation. Techniques are used to directly treat the organs that are palpable, while organs that are not palpable are treated through their reflex points.

When our organs are overwhelmed with toxins, sedimentation accumulates causing physical and energetic blockages in the system. This affects the vital function of our organs and leads to emotional disturbances. Chi Nei Tsang helps to address these physical, emotional and energetic blockages.

Chi Nei Tsang is in our Scope of Practice



  • Learn how to located and treat the reflex points of each organ

  • Learn how to locate and treat all palpable organs

  • Learn how to open and close the wind gate

  • Learn a basic Chi Kung exercise to improve sensitivity to subtle energies

  • Learn how to ward off “sick” energy picked up from clients

Length per course level is 24 hours.

Course study booklet will be provided. 

Price of course $600 (H.S.T. Included).

Course date: Oct 24, 25, 26 2024

Location: Legion Road North, Etobicoke ON

Small Class size, 4 student max



Chi Nei Tsang
(Abdominal Detoxification)

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After participating and learning new techniques in Andre's course on Chi Nei Tsang, I feel like my massage therapy practice will be forever changed for the better. I have a renewed sense of excitement to be able to practice Chi Nei Tsang, on my clients. I'm excited for what I can bring to the table

Andre is captivating and informative. I very much enjoyed every part of the Chi Nei Tsang course. I deeply appreciate the gift of this accumulation of knowledge he has shared with us in the course. There practices that have been handed down from many teachers and masters is truly grand and outstanding.

Andre's study of Chi Nei Tsang as well as his knowledge of Tai Chi and Thai Massage is very evident in his generous teaching methods. Andre teaches you how to develop a subtle ease in your application of these techniques. He has a great way of making you feel important, worthy of his time and puts a great amount of effort to make sure you feel knowledgable and comfortable with the teachings. 

It was fascinating and exciting to learn techniques to increase the vital health of the organ systems and help the sometimes neglected organs to thrive, move and heal.

I really enjoyed this course and would recommend it to any practitioner. Andre showed me ways of treating the body that I would not have thought of. I was finding myself in a stagnant funk of doing the same treatment over and over again and now I'm really excited to start my work week.

Take the course! You will not regret it!


J. Wiedmann

I have taken both Table Thai and Chi Nei Tsang with Andre.


Both courses had an incredible amount of material (in a good way!) that was presented to us in digestible chunks with lots of time for practice and to reinforce the skills. By the end of each training I was more than confident in my ability to incorporate these new tools into my practice immediately.


Andre is a great teacher! He is patient and knowledgeable and willing to share beyond the basics. I appreciate his teaching style and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his courses. I’ll definitely be taking more!

K. Bassett

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