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Traditional Thai Massage techniques from Level I

Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient form of full body treatment that combines passive stretch, compressions and acupressure, in a rhythmic and systematic routine. Thai Massage is commonly referred to as Thai-Yoga Massage in the West because the recipient is passively moved through a range of yoga like postures.


Traditional Thai Massage is in our Scope of Practice. Please refer to the text below for more detail. 

Course Objectives:  

  • Learn how to give a 90 minute full body Thai Massage with the client in supine and seated position

  • Transition the client through 100+ positions and postures seamlessly

  • Use Thai massage techniques including rhythmic stretching, acupressure, sen (energy) line massage

  • Apply treatment to sen (energy) lines in the inner and outer legs, arms and back

  • Effectively apply techniques with the hands, thumbs, knees and feet

  • Learn how to massage the Hara (abdominal organs) using Thai massage techniques

Occupancies are available for 2-10 participants per workshop.​ 

Course study booklet will be provided.

Please contact to book your spot.

Length per course is 32 hours.

Price per course level $750 (H.S.T. Included)

Traditional Thai Massage

Techniques from Traditional Thai Massage Level I course

Thai Massage Level I: 

In this course students learn how to successfully complete a 90 minute massage, transitioning clients through supine and seated positions. You learn the sen lines of the arms and legs, basic acupressure/reflexology of the feet and abdomen and a variety of passive full body stretches.

Day 1: 

Thai Foot Reflexology. Warming the legs and stimulating the energy lines.

Day 2:

Passive Stretch to the lower limbs & hips, followed by review. 

Day 3:

Warming the arms & stimulating the energy lines. Thai Hand Reflexology. Chest, Neck, Shoulders and Scalp massage. Massaging the Hara (abdominal organs).

Day 4:

Massage the Shoulders and Back in Seated position. Review and perform 90 minute Traditional Thai Massage.


Length per course is 32 hours.

Price per course level $750 (H.S.T. Included)

Course date: Nov 20, 21, 27, 28

Please contact to book your spot.



Tradtional Thai Massage Level I course

Thai Massage Level II:

In this follow-up course to level I Thai Massage, participants learn how to successfully complete a 90 minute massage transitioning the client through side lying, prone and seated positions. You learn how to stretch the spine, treat the sen (energy) lines of the back and add to the techniques learned in level I.


Day 1:

Side lying position. Warming and treating the energy lines of the legs. Passive stretching and compressions to the legs using the hands, elbows & feet.

Day 2:

Side lying position. Massage the energy lines of the back and shoulders, passive stretch to the back.

Day 3:

Prone & seated position. Reflexology of the feet, treat energy lines of the posterior leg and back. Passive stretch to the back using the hands and feet in seated position

Day 4:

Review all 3 days. Complete a 90 min, level II full-body massage in the side lying, prone and seated positions


Length per course is 32 hours.

Price per course level $750 (H.S.T. Included)

Course date: Sept 14,15,16,17

Please contact to book your spot. 


Refresher course coming soon!

This course is a review of techniques learned in level I and/or II. In this half day course you will practice skills or techniques that you have either forgotten or do not feel comfortable with. Both students and I will be available to assist. This course is directly driven by the students in attendance.

Please contact for more information.


level I

Incredible RMT and Teacher. I recently completed my Thai Massage Course with Andre and he is so patient, extremely knowledgeable and makes the course so enjoyable. He takes notice of how each student learns, then explains & demonstrates everything so clearly that everyone understands.

The course itself was affordable and I left confident in what I learnt. I would highly recommend. I will be going back to him in the future to continuing my training. He is a human FULL of incredible experience and information.

K. Clark

I have had the honor to take the level 1 Traditional Thai Massage training/course with Andre recently. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He’s knowledgeable, approachable and patient. He also tailors the teaching method based on student’s individual learning styles, to create the best learning experience. Additional to an excellent teacher, he’s also a phenomenal therapist with a wonderful heart. He travels more than 2 hours away to treat my mother because she’s not able to travel. With a wealth of knowledge from Thai massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Shiatsu, TCM and more, he uses an innovative treatment method to help my mother with lumbar, hip and leg pain. His treatment was soothing, calming, no pain, but surprisingly effective. Only after one treatment, my mom was having a lot less pain and regain a lot of mobility. We will definitely seek treatment from him again and I will take more courses/training from him in the future.


L. Chen

level I

Andre is hands down the best RMT I have ever been to.

He’s immensely knowledgeable, skilled, professional and very efficient.

I’m blessed to have him as my therapist and teacher 

I have experiences and completed his brilliant Thai Massage course recently.

He’s very attentive and passionate about what he does and it reflects in the way he instructs you.

If you are seeking for an amazing therapist and a teacher, that you can feel is invested in you, Andre is the one!

K. Grabara

I took Andre’s Thai Massage course this summer and it was a great experience. He is very knowledgeable and an excellent instructor. You can tell he has done a lot of work enhancing his manual therapy skills and that he loves to share the knowledge he has learnt. I am looking forward to his next course this fall!!!


S. Davidson

level II

I’ve taken two of Andre’s Thai Massage courses, both the level I & II now and he’s a phenomenal teacher.

It is clear he has taken the time and practice to develop his own skills and to seek knowledge from a variety of teachers throughout his career. This makes Andre a well of information and his patience, professionalism and open approach to things make him an excellent teacher to learn from.


I can’t recommend taking his courses enough for any practitioner looking to expand their skill set or knowledge.


But also, having been treated by him through the hours of the courses I can also confidently say he makes for a fantastic Massage Therapist not just teacher. He is calm, patient, kind and genuinely seeks to understand why you are in discomfort or pain and try to help you figure it out and help you work towards whatever your treatment goals are.

C. Stevenson

Great teacher and very knowledgeable! It was such a pleasure taking Andre’s Thai Massage Course. I really enjoyed the experience. I’ll definitely by taking more.


C. Osadchuk

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