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Treating Low Back Pain 
(A Different Approach)

There are numerous causes of low back pain. From herniated disc's, quadratus lumborum & iliopsoas strains, weak gluteus medius, facet joint irritation, overactive tensor fasciae lata  and vastus lateralis muscles, hyperkyphosis/hyperlordosis, distortion of the fascia in the lateral chain & lumbar spine and even congestion in the small intestine or kidneys.


Although we have assessments to determine the cause of pain, these assessments are often inconclusive or misleading. In this course you will learn to troubleshoot the causes of low back pain and learn how to effectively treat it regardless of the cause.


If you treat all potential causes of pain in each treatment,  you ensure the client gets relief. In this course you will learn how to do so, while taking all potential precautions and contraindications into account.

Course study booklet will be provided.

Contact for Course Dates.

Course length: 8 hours

Cost: $250

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