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Abdominal detoxification massage is an ancient form of Chinese, Taoist therapy that uses direct massage techniques to remove congestion from to abdomen. Congestion refers not only to the physical knots, tangles and lumps in the organs, but also the emotional and energetic congestion that result. Elements of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, reflexology and acupressure are incorporated into this treatment to restore vitality to the organs and the individual. 

Abdominal Detox I: An introduction to the ancient therapy. The objective is to have participants learn to locate the reflexes of each organ and how to apply manual techniques directly to both the organs and reflex points.

Abdominal Detox II: In this second workshop, more emphasis is placed on the foundational theory, the removal of pathogenic wind from the body by using both the hands and elbows, and exercises to protect the therapist from acquiring "sick energy" from clients.

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