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My Background


I got into massage therapy after playing soccer internationally as a teenager and having to seek treatment for a variety of injuries. After high school, my mother suggested getting into the medical field. Massage Therapy was the perfect start.  I began my journey by enrolling at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy (CCMH).  


As a successful graduate and RMT, I continued to pursue education in my field and attended a one-week course in Shiatsu. I began to understand how it differed dramatically from what I had just learned. This led me to explore other Eastern practices, including several overseas trips to Thailand where I learned directly from Thai Masters. Here in Canada, I continue physical education, studying Tai Chi and meditation with a Shaolin Monk. While I have learned and experienced so much, my pursuits continue to this day, as I see learning as a life long journey. 

My Approach

thai massage pics Andre-3.jpg

To utilize my knowledge and experience in modern Western and ancient Eastern practices, to offer students an inspiring and alternative form of education, while also providing the best possible care to my patients. 

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